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Gedney Church End Primary SchoolAfter School Clubs

Out of school clubs broaden the children's experiences, and reflect their interests. They may include keyboard, craft and cookery, drama, knitting, gardening, multi-skills, chess, netball, football, recorders, guitar, reasoning skills, archaeology, film making and French, as interest demands.

Belonging to a club requires a degree of commitment and we ask that you encourage your child to give of their best through good attendance and practice. With a little bit of application and commitment, who knows what they will be able to achieve!! We also ask that you should be responsible for your child's safe return home.

This term

Name of Teacher


Year Group(s)


Lou Wright


All year groups
(max 15)

Wed 3:30 – 4:30

Diane Jacobs


Yr 5 and 6
(max 10)

Thurs 3:30 – 4:30

Emily Fullard


Rec/1 and 4/5/6
(max 12)

Lunchtime Tuesday