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Services for Families

Should you need help or support please contact an agency to support your need.

If you are in immediate danger please call 999


Major children's charity rebrands | Third Sector

Caring for a child or young person can be hard. We’re here to help you make sure they can thrive.
From running services across the country to providing useful online guidance and support, there are lots of ways we can make your role as a parent or carer a little bit easier.

Together, we create Family Hubs where we’re needed most, with counselling, early years and family support. We partner with local councils, churches and communities to care for every family, putting children and young people first in everything we do.

Oasis Family Support provides advice, information and emotional support to adults and children in Lincolnshire whose lives have been or are negatively impacted by a loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol.

We're here to help you make the most of your relationships; past, present or future.
We have a network of Relate Centres across the UK and a group of licensed local counsellors that provide face-to-face counselling and support. 

Family Action
Family Action is an award-winning national charity working from the heart of local communities across England and Wales. We’ve been supporting people through change, challenge and crisis for over 150 years.
We believe family is the key to positive futures, for individuals and communities. We believe there’s no right way to be a family, it’s relationships that matter. We know first-hand that our early experiences of family stay with us, for better or worse.

LCGL Counselling Services
LCGL Counselling and Training Services is a charity sponsored by the Lincolnshire Co-operative and grant funded by ​Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. We are a free counselling service that responds to the needs of children/young people and adults in Lincolnshire who are experiencing the unmanageable symptoms of grief and loss following a significant life event.

Parenting and Wellbeing Support for Parents of School-Aged Children
Brought to you by UK child psychologist Dr Lucy Russell and her team at Everlief Child Psychology. Find parent workshops, online courses and articles to help your family thrive.

Winston's Wish
Winston’s Wish is a charity that helps children, teenagers and young adults (up to the age of 25) find their feet when their worlds are turned upside down by grief.