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What we do in School

In order to promote positive mental health and well-being with the children in our federation we carry out a variety of programmes that suit each individual child. The school works closely with children in helping them to build their knowledge, behaviours and social and emotional skills that will support them in building resilience, confidence and set the pattern for how to manage their mental health throughout life.



Managing Feelings

When a child is referred to us for management of feelings, we start by assessing the child’s ability to identify and differentiate different emotions. Once we have a baseline, we then work alongside the child through play, scenario and talk to assist the child to gain knowledge and understanding of feelings and emotions. We also have a range of programmes we can access that helps to assist children with managing feelings.

Friendship Concerns

From time to time, every child will experience friendship issues. However if this becomes a regular occurrence or a member of staff feels there needs to be intervention, we receive a referral. Once the referral has been made, we will then spend time with the child looking at what qualities they have as a friend and what they look for in a friend. We use a range of programmes to assist with friendship and work through at an appropriate pace for each individual.

Loss/ Bereavement

When a child experiences loss or bereavement, they are referred onto us. During this time, we are a shoulder to cry on and a friendly face to talk too. When the child is ready, we then spend time looking at memories the child may have and coping techniques.

Transition/ Frustration

Children deal with transition in many different ways. Some children may not be affected and some may find the process a challenge. For those children, we look at how far they have come and how they have managed previous transitions. We then look at similarities and differences advising suitable ways to cope through them. Extra visits can also be arranged so the child becomes more aware of their new surroundings

Anger/ Frustration

When a child struggles to manage their anger and frustration at home or in school, they may be referred to us. We will then work alongside the child and look at how anger affects them both physically and emotionally. Once the child can identify these signs, we will then look at implementing some coping and controlling techniques.


Identifying how our body feels is a big part of dealing with anxiety. We ensure the child knows it is ok to feel this way and show them techniques on how to manage these feelings and worries. We look at worries and how we can reduce and resolve them. This may be through the use of a worry box, talking to someone and practising mindfulness.