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Gedney Church End Primary SchoolWelcome to Gedney Church End

Helping each other to achieve and soar

We hope that our website will help you to learn a little more about our small learning community, our amazing children, supportive parents, committed teachers and dedicated governors. Together, we offer a creative and forward looking school where inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.

Creativity is very important to us and we have worked hard to ensure that our children encounter a curriculum that provides enrichment and opportunity in equal measure. We understand that children learn best by seeing and doing, but it is the quality of care, guidance and support that enables them to reach their full potential through excellence and enjoyment.

Visits to the school are actively encouraged. You will find a very warm, friendly and professional welcome. We hope to hear from you soon.


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Thinkuknow: keeping your child safe online while they are off school

Sport Relief 17 March

The children from Woodpeckers and Eagles class enjoyed taking part in sports activities on Friday for Sport Relief. They all came dressed in sportswear either from a sport they take part in or as a sports personality. See more pictures on our Gallery page.

School Council

Our School Councillors have been busy fundraising to buy Lego for each class in the school. They feel that Lego in the classrooms would help support the childrens story writing, creativity, mathematics and it would challenge them. As well as fundraising the School Council have been researching the cost of Lego and what Lego they feel would be best for each class. Today they presented the Lego to each class. See more pictures on our Gallery page.

Celebrating 100% attendance

Well done to all of those pupils that have got 100% attendance being here on time everyday!

All of the pupils received a certificate and small prize. This is a great achievement, well done!

Chinese New Year

The children dressed up in the animal of the year they were born and had fun making masks and tasting Chinese food. See more on our Gallery page.

School Council Fundraiser

The School Council held a fundraiser to buy some Lego for the classrooms in school. A hot chocolate and sweet treat stand was held after school. A total of £50.38 was raised. A kind donation of £100 was also given from our FOGS which gives us a great  £150.38 to spend! Find out more on our Gallery page

Celebration Assembly


 Gedney Church End Primary pupils lit up St Mary Magdalene Church with their Christingles and joyful faces. Find out more on our Christingle Gallery page,

Lights Camel Action 2, The Sequin

The children from EYFS, Yr1 & Yr2 performed Lights, camel, action 2 The sequin. This was a modern version of the nativity based on the TV show – Strictly Come Dancing. They performed in the church, which was full to brim with family, friends and children from Lutton St Nicholas all there to watch. They all did extremely well and should be very proud of themselves. We would like to say thank you to Lincolnshire Free Press & Spalding Guardian for the fantastic photos, which you can see on our Gallery page.

The Great Gedney Bake Off

On Friday the chefs from cooking club took part in ‘The Great Gedney Bake Off’. They were allowed to choose what they cooked, but had a time limit of an hour. Each chef was allowed a ‘buddy’ to help them.
It was an absolute pleasure to watch the level of cooperation, concentration and FUN that was demonstrated.
This is what was baked:
- Jack, aided by Flynn baked Cheese and marmite scones
- Ilana, aided by Whitney made smartie cookies
- Keira, aided by Emma made brownies
- Mikey, aided by Logan baked macaroni cheese
- James, aided by Tiago made jam tarts and mini pizzas
- Zac and Ashbie made spaghetti bolognese
- Faith, aided by Chloe made chocolate cookies
- Lauren, aided by Alyssa made cupcakes
- Rowan, aided by Morgan made a lemon cake, complete with icing.

Mr Pearson and Mr Dearlove were asked to judge. It was very difficult to make a decision. Several times, they said that what they had just tasted was a winner, UNTIL they tasted the next thing!
After much tasting and re-tasting, a decision was made.
Our Gedney Bake off winner was Faith - very well done. Her chocolate cookies were sooo gooey and sticky!

But everyone deserves to be congratulated, as the results were fabulous, not only in looks but also in taste. So a very big well done all of you!!!


At the end of the ‘first ‘week back, all our children have been superstars! Thy have adapted to the new regime and coped with all the changes brilliantly. Within our classrooms we held our own celebration assembly to celebrate the fabulous work and efforts.


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Attendance since September

Our class attendance winners for this week are Jaguars

Eagles 96.4%
Jaguars 98.4%
Woodpeckers 97.5%

Lunchtime Award Winners

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