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Special Events

Wellbeing Week 11 February

This week we are celebrating Wellbeing Week. We have a variety of activities happening throughout the week that shall help promote wellbeing for both the staff and children. Each day we shall incorporate an ‘action’ that is believed to help promote wellbeing. The 5 actions are: Be active, keep learning, connect, give to others and take notice. We haven’t forgot the staff too. They are also enjoying some bacon sandwiches for breakfast, a daily raffle with prizes and enjoying in participating in the activities with the children!

Monday – Be Active

Being active can makes us feel good. Find an activity that you enjoy and make it part of your everyday life! Today the children took part in the daily mile challenge with Jack. All of the children participated in walking a mile round the school grounds. We see some great determination and encouragement from the children and a lot of tired faces too. Well Done!

Tuesday – Keep Learning

Continued learning through life can help boost our self-esteem and can contribute to a more active life and social interaction. We are always learning something new in school but today we thought we would invite someone else in to help the children learn. Today we have had a visit from Sam Ruddock. Sam is a Paralympic track and field athlete who represents Great Britain. Sam presented a circuit workshop which the children participated in. The children worked hard carrying out swim kicks, superman’s, skydivers, shoulder taps, leg raises and the plank. Once complete Sam taught us how exercise can help boost our mood and improve our memory as well as protecting our body from anxiety and stress.

Wednesday – Connecting

Spending time with family and friends, doing something we enjoy together can help promote our wellbeing. Today the children taken part in some expressive free flow art. The younger children had a choice in which art they wished to take part in and got creative! The older children in school took part in a ‘tree of life’ activity which helped them to explore their own links to history, culture and any significant people and places.

Thursday – Give to others

Doing something kind or helpful for a friend or family member will not only make them feel good but can make you feel good too! Today the children gave their own awards out to other children. They identified why they though they should receive an award and then gave it to them. Not only did they make each other feel good they also felt great satisfaction for making someone smile today!




Friday – Take Notice

Taking time out to think, relax and ‘take notice’ can help strengthen and broaden awareness. Today has been busy for both staff and children. This morning the children have taken part in a relaxation session with Mrs.Barrett to allow them some time out to relax. This afternoon we have used a different approach to taking notice and the staff have swapped classrooms! Each staff member carried out a different activity in a different class to allow them to’ take notice’ of all the pupils in our school.


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We have had a great week contributing to enhancing our wellbeing! We have been happy, positive and got the most out of all the activities we have experienced.